So Natural TV is a YouTube channel bringing you stylish, sharp witted short films and series.

Meet the Team:

Leena Pendharkar, @leenapend,
Leena started So Natural TV as a writer/director/producer with the desire to bring unique, story-driven content to the digital medium. She started with the original So Natural sketches, which were featured on Funny or Die and the Cheezburger Network.  Prior to the web series, Leena wrote and directed her first feature, Raspberry Magic, about a young girl’s connection to nature, and is currently airing on Starz.  In addition to developing other TV and film projects, Pendharkar is actively working on her second feature, A Day with Dandekar,  which was selected for the FIND screenwriter’s lab, and Tribeca All Access program.  She has made a number of award-winning short films, and is a Visiting Assistant of Film Production at Loyola Marymount U. Leena holds a Master’s degree in documentary film production from the UC-Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Jane Kelly Kosek, @janekk
Jane joined So Natural TV as a producer, and is a storyteller through various media platforms. She develops, writes, and produces feature films, books, web series and television shows. In addition, she blogs about her journey in the film industry at and her passion for great wine and wine country at  Jane often collaborates with Leslie Iwerks Productions to produce award-winning documentaries.  As a filmmaker, Jane has produced multiple shorts and feature films. In 2013, Jane began the second year of a five-year project: a feature-length documentary on the Disney Imagineering division. She is traveling the world producing shoots at various Disneyland locations with Leslie Iwerks Productions. Also in 2013, she produced a new short film titled Plain Clothes, written and directed by Parenthood‘s Sam Jaeger. In addition, she is in development on a modern-day Western titled Ashland with the writer/directors Lindy and Kris Boustedt.